I'm back

It has been a while….

too many things at the same time and I had to prioritize…

but I’m back and I’ll start with a little comment on my initial decision to build a blog through WordPress.

I’m more than ever convinced that this platform is so powerful and perfectly adapted to your needs evolution …

as a new blogger you can decide to have your blog hosted by WordPress.com… it is very simple and easy, whilst most of the technical management is managed on your behalf centrally.  but when you get ready to have a blog in your personalized domain, then wordpress.org will give you all the package that you can install and manage by yourself.

And this has been my solution since the beginning… I like to play with technology and discover by myself what it takes to build something and make it running…

Now the first step when I decided to post again was to update all the software of my WordPress… I read that  a new release was available and some plug ins…

so I did it. I update it and it was very simple and very documented in their site. if you use WordPress and you have not update it to the last version, don’t be worried, as it is very simple… just follow the advises in their website @ wordpress.org.

Basically it’s a simple process of 5 steps:

  • Check Requirements

You need to read if the new upgrade require you new functionality from the host provider that you are using.

  • Take a Backup

make sure you do a backup of the database and using an FTP of all files of your blog.

  • take the simplest configuration disabling the Plugins

avoid risk taking of upgrading whilst all your plugins are active… in most cases a major revision of the Blog software do not test all the existing plugins, so disable them before upgrade

  • Replace WordPress files

get from wordpress.org the latest files in a zipped file, and replace them in the server…  don’t be worried as this operation will not change the posts and the information of the blog…. they are stored in a database that is not changed by the update.

  • Go to your Blog

…and check if everything is working, then activate the different plugins to verify if everything is working…

this is pretty much the process… very simple and straight forward…

Let me know your experience with your blog platform…

Stefano Burbui

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