About the blog

I work in Unisys. This blog is not reflecting in any way the opinion of Unisys as a company. It is a collection of ideas, inspiration and opinions that belong to me only. The blog itself do not represent a periodical publication as it will not be updated regularly. So it must not be considered an editorial product. The pictures that I’m using are coming mainly from the internet, in case you believe their use may be unauthorized, please let me know it, I’ll make sure to remove them.
I did start in the past to build a web site to communicate with the family, to bring to the world of friends news about me. The technology was not friendly and I had to manage it with basic HTML. Today with technology like WordPress is much easier. So let’s focus more on the content…

I’ll start to use this blog to bring anything come up to my mind of relevance (at least for me 🙂 )

Thanks for your patience and support!!!

Stefano Burbui